Cut N Dry Hairdressers

Expert hairdressers in Leamington Spa with years of experience, specialising in hair colour, hair extensions and piercings.

Monday - 8:00 - 17:00
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday - 08:30 - 17:00
Friday - 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday - 08:00 - 16:00
Sunday - Closed

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Caroline Goudie

Owner / hair stylist and barber

Jess White

Colour Technician and Stylist

Rowena Thomas

Hair stylist and barber

Alex Eley


Incredible service with really friendly staff


Hair cuts, hair colour and other services are backed by many years of experience.


Cuts £9
All over clippers £5
Beard trim £4

Wash & Blow Dry

Short hair £19
Long hair £25

Ladies Wet Cuts

Short cuts £16
Mid to long £19
Restyle £25

Blow Dry

Short hair £10
Mid to long hair £16

Reduced prices for senior citizens & children under 10 years on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Perm from £30
Gents cut £7
Boys cut £7
Ladies cut £12
Cut & blowdry £16


Maintaining good after-care is important to reduce the likelihood of infection. We can provide you with the knowledge and best-practices to help you support good hygiene and give you confidence everything is safe.

Ear Piercings

At Cut N Dry we offer a wide variety of ear piercings for adults and kids. Our trained stylists can help you achieve the look you want at a cost-effect price. For £15 a pair, our qualified Piercers will deliver safe results in a very clean and hygienic environment. We specialise in ear piercings and can guarantee the best result for:

  • earlobe piercings for women, men and children
  • piercings of the ear cartilage, including
    • helix
    • conch
    • tragus
    • daith
    • industrial

These piercings use a variety of barbells, rings or studs in various parts of the ear.

Healing process

Always allow your pierced ears to fully heal before you experiment with different jewellery. Trying different jewellery is fun, but the risk of snagging your ears when it has not fully healed is not something to ignore. If playing contact sports, always consider removing jewellery.

Allergic Reactions

If the skin around the piercing gets an itchy rash, it likely indicates you may be allergic to the specific metal the jewellery is made from. Everyone is different and there is not one rule for all; you may be fine with Nickle but allergic to gold, silver, copper or another metal.

Pre-bonding hair extension

Pre-bonding extension deliver a natural look and a long lasting finish. All our hair extensions are available in 18 or 20inch and a multitude of colours varieties to suit everyone. Our high quality keratin bonds mean that our extensions aren't damaging to your hair. Each bond is individually formed with a glue gun to give a natural look - the bonds are virtually invisible. The quality is to a high standard and last up to 3 months. A deposit will have to be made before your appointment date.

Roots regrowth

Short hair £35
Long £40

Full head colours

Short hair £40
Long £50

Full head foils

Short £50
Long £60

Half head foils

Short £35
Long £45

Additional colouring options

Slices £25
T-Section £35
Cap highlights £35

Value for Money

All colours include blowdry not cuts Reduced prices for senior citiziens on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

What are pamper Parties?

Pamper parties are a perfect gift for girls' birthday parties. They are a perfect way to feel a million dollars. For £15 per person, we will paint your nails, put your hair up and apply makeup. The incredible price also includes Food and Drink.

How can I book?

Simply call 01926 451 777 to book a slot. Pamper parties take place after school on Wednesday and Thursday. Daytime parties are on Friday and Saturday.

Contact us to make an appointment